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A girl eating Fox Pops, a snack made of popped water lily seeds also know as popped lotus seeds which are light, crunchy, delicious and packed with nutrients.
Munch guilt-free
You know you want to Munch Guilt-Free
Popped Water Lilly Seeds also know as Popper Lotus Seeds
palm oil free
transfat free
plant based
40% more protein*
45% less fat*
increased fibre*
*Than Smiths Crinkle Cut Original Potato Chips
Fox Pops - Munch Guiltfree

TL;DR - We’re not JUST another Snack, we're BETTER!​

Fox Pops = Fox Nuts - Although we wouldn’t say we’re really “nuts” I mean we are a bit crazy but not ‘nuts nuts’ if you catch our drift.. Still confused?

Simply put, we are Popped Water Lily Seeds (a snack alternative to chips and popcorn)

We're light & crunchy, dry roasted, nutritious, trans fat free, seasoned with Olive Oil… and all that jazz!


And just in case you need a bit more convincing, we're unabashedly adaptable, basically fit for any occasion - Good for the gym, great for an afternoon binge or office pick-me-up, perfect with a pint and the list goes on…

How product is better than regular potato chips

*Than Smiths Crinkle Cut Original Potato Chips

how it

is made

lotus stem_2x.png

The seeds are hand harvested by farmers from the bed of the Water Lily Plant (Euryale Ferox)

The seeds are then sorted by size & roasted

wooden hammer_2x (1).png

Traditionally, the seeds are hand popped by a wooden hammer called 'pitna'

We then gently roast & season the popped water lily seeds for you to,

SNACKON anytime anywhere..

seasoning _2x.png
image (12).png
Binge Worthy
Light & Crunchy
No Nasties
Plant Based
Dry Roasted

Anna Burke (Map 58 Cafe)

"The selection we tried was amazing - love the freshness, flavours, crunch and the fact they are a superfood!. Thank you so much. I particularly loved the peanut flavour. I have kept the packet of smoked chilli to try this on one of our grazing platters with cheese. We could also try adding the plain salted flavour to our summer salads for some crunch. The peanut flavour would be awesome as a 'garnish' to our gluten free caramel slice to give it a 'snickers'flavour." 

Karan Maniar

"Very healthy and tasty snack! There are so many amazing flavours to choose from. Perfect to munch on at any time of the day! Customer service is great and they arrive quickly. We loved them and will order again for sure!"

Justin Rosales (JR Fitness)

"Absolutely love it. It taste amazing plus it’s a healthier option compared to other snacks. My kids love them also 😊"

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